My Journey




I'm Neha, my love for pottery was kind of a serendipitous find. I had been working in a corporate culture with my background in hospitality. However, after working in the field for over 6 years I felt like exploring the creative flair that was always inside me but was left unattended for quite a long time. So, after I quit my job, I was searching for things I could venture into and I came across a workshop for teaching pottery. Though I didn't know it at the time of enrolling, I had found my calling.

Upon completion of workshop, after watching endless tutorials and after a lot of experimenting, I finally felt ready to bring my craft in front of the world. The response I received has been really astounding.

To me, pottery was never a commercial pursuit. It is a way to express myself and I am genuinely pleased that people have found a connection with my craft which is a reflection of my soul.

Keeping all this in mind I came up with Popup Stone. Popup Stone is a brand focusing on functional and experimental ceramics. Each piece is hand formed, decorated and embraces the beauty in imperfection. Every creation is unique and reflects its own personality. The natural colors and textures from a variety of stoneware clays have become a feature in the products. Popup stone's is dedicated to slow production technique ensuring that each object I create is one of a kind.