- Where are you based?

  We are based out of Pune.

- Do you ship to my city?

  Shipping is available pan India.

- What type of clay do you use?

  We use stoneware clay for all functional and decorative pieces.

- Are your products microwave or oven safe?

  Yes! unless mentioned specifically.

- Do you have open studio hours? 

  We accept studio visits by appointment only.

- Where can I book my seat for the workshop?   

  Send out an email on popupstone@gmail.com to block your seat.

- I have just ordered online, when will I receive my order?

  We will ideally ship your product in 5-6 business days. The delivery will vary from 5 to 15  business days based on the location. 

 - Delivery was attempted but I was unavailable, what now?

Please make sure someone is available to collect the order. If you miss the delivery then it would be returned to us. We then would need to re-ship it to you after receiving payment for additional delivery charges.

 - What are the delivery charges?

Delivery charges depend on the total weight and volume of the product ordered. You will be charged accordingly at the checkout.

- What if I receive damaged pieces in my order?

Please click a picture of the broken piece and the box it was shipped in, and send it across within 24 hours of it being delivered to you on popupstone@gmail.com or WhatsApp on 9765116928.